Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jumpin' around

Even though it's a little chilly the neighbors
tramp looks to good to pass up. With snow
still on the ground, my kids don't care they
just want to be outside. I can't say that I blame
them. I would love to mow my lawn!!!
We signed Tate up for T-Ball today, It gives
me hope that the sun will come out, even though
last year we spent most of his games in the rain.
But for Tate summer can't come fast enough, their
are fields to plow and plant. He has already been
flingin' poo with Jon. ( ahh the life of a farmer;)
Libby jumpin' at the Coombs

Tate showing off his skills

It's fun to have good neighbors that will
let us play!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


What happened to spring? I thought we
were on our way to green grass, flowers,
blue skies and warmer weather. But on
March 9th we got 30 inch's of snow! I had used
the snow blower twice that day, and by 3:oo pm
you couldn't even tell. So Wade went and got
Jay's tractor and plowed us out. It feels like
January instead of March. Please snow just melt!

This is Wades truck

I stuck Libby in the snow, she couldn't even move.
Look at the snow on the bird house behind her.

Wade and Tate on the tractor. Tate loved it.

Wade snow blowing off the deck.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Night skiing

Wade and I took Tate night skiing at the
Bev. It was so much fun. Tate is really getting
good at skiing(he must take after his dad:)
1st ward and 2nd ward was there, so I knew
almost everyone. Next year I think we will
rent a snowboard for the year and teach Tate
how to snowboard. He can be like his dad.
Then we will start Libby skiing. It's so fun to
have them get older, and see them enjoy what
you do.

Tate flying down the mountain.

Me and my sister Jill.

Wade, Tate and Robert at the end of the night.