Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We have a problem in our home. Kids sleeping in there
own bed!! So last Saturday night I was scrap booking and
complaining about my family sleep habits, when a lady
told me what she did in her family that worked. Bed Bears
The kids get there own container and when they sleep all
night in there bed they get a bed bear. Each bed bear is
worth $1 at the end of the month they count there bears
and they can get whatever they want with there bed bear
money. But if they come into mom and dad's room they get
a bear taken away. So we decided to try it, Tate is doing great!
Libby gets a bear, gets a bear taken away, gets a bear, gets a bear
taken away. Every morning they wake up excited to see if they get
a bed bear. I can't wait till the end of the month, I think it
will sink in even more when they get to buy something they want.

I got the bears at The Book Table

I let them decorate there container.
Wish us luck.
I just want to sleep through the night!!!!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun!

What a weekend!! It started with the Paradise
Easter egg hunt. All was going good until the bunny
catch. (This is were the kids case bunny's and if you
catch one its yours.) Tate caught a bunny it was just
in the wrong age group, so we had to give it back.
(Mean mom!!) So we went up to grandpa's to look at
the baby lambs, that made us feel better.
Then Sunday while we were at church the Easter Bunny
came and gave us a tramp! so now we have one of our own.
In the afternoon we went up to the barn in Avon for
another egg hunt. It was great all the Riggs cousins were
there. It was so nice and warm we had a blast!!
Tate and Libby before Town egg hunt

Libby and Emeri ready to get some eggs

Tate all smiles before we gave the
bunny back!

Up with grandpa lookin' at his sheep

Tate and Libby ready for church

Libby showing off her basket

Jumpin' on the new tramp. Thanks Easter Bunny!

All the Riggs cousins Madison, Jordyne, Sadie,
Jaxon, Olivia, Tate, Emeri, Libby and Ava.

Getting more eggs in Avon.

Emeri and Libby in Avon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Is that Wade?

Don't worry, this is not a mask man trying
to break into your house, its just Wade.
This is Wade's answer to me,(for almost killing
myself on my horse last fall.) His Texas Chopper!
When the sun comes out so does the Chopper.
Do I like it? no. But I understand what its
like to love to do something, even though
you could get hurt.And when he comes
home from a ride he is a happier man.
He works hard and deserves to have some fun.
Just wait till I get another horse.