Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines

Valentine weekend was alot of fun!
Because I had to work Saturday, we
celebrated with the kids on Friday.
In the morning we had heart shaped
pancakes, then that night we watched
a movie and had heart shaped pizza.
not much, but tried to make the day special.
Saturday at work I got flowers. 10 years
and he knows what I like. (no roses)
I truly married my best friend.
That night we went to couples Bonco.
Bret Mair made BBQ ribs. They were
soooooo good. Wade and I won low score,
(figures with my head injury and Wades ADD.)
We laughed so hard. I can't tell ya what we won
this is a PG blog. But thank you Margaret,
it will come in handy. Hope everyone had a
Happy Valentines!!!

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