Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just so Thankful

This time of year is a good time to think about what we
are thankful for.
*First, my family...a husband that works hard
and provides for his family, he is my best friend, Eleven years and
I love him more then I ever have.
*Our kids, I'm so blessed that God gave them to us.
They are the perfect mix between Wade and I.
Their laughs melt my heart and their cries break it.
What would I ever do without them?
*Our Health, besides the common cold we don't get sick very often.
*Our Home, I love where we live! no one could have
better neighbors, we could never move unless they came with us.
And to look out our front door and see nothing but field and
mountains is the perfect place for us.
*My job, I love what I do! I love the people I work with.
I'm excited to go to work! The people I
have met through the years mean so much to me.
I'm so lucky for all that I have. And I thank God everyday
for it! What are you thankful for?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Witches tea

I love this time of the year! People always seem to get
together more often just to have fun. And I was lucky
enough to go to the witches tea this year, What is
witches tea? A dinner where witches (good and bad)
can sit down have dinner, laugh, tell stories and relax.
Kristy was a great hosts. The food was so good!
especially the tea. She went to so much work, the
fruit was in little pumpkins carved out of oranges!
I had a great time and so did all the other witches,
I hope I get an invitation next year!

This is the little pumpkin, how cool is that!?!?

Stacy and Ginger were morning witches

I was seventy's witch and Amanda was disco witch

Stacy was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing at her!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tate's birthday

Six years ago our life changed!! God gave us
this amazing little boy. And now we don't know
what we ever did without him. He is a good helper,
and is very lovey, you can always get a hug out of Tate.
But his true love is farming. He wants to be a farmer when
he grows up. Any one that knows him, knows he is a
John Deere boy! We love him so much.
Happy Birthday Tate!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

fall craft

One of the best things about fall is the decorating!
And it doesn't cost much to make your home beautiful.
I always like fall leaves on my table. I usually put them
in a vase, but this year a wanted to do something different.
So I bought a little straw bale from a craft store, took a ride
up the canyon, and five minuets later I have a great center piece
for my table.
But now we will have to see if my kids leave it alone:)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tomato Fever

This year has been a great year for my tomato's.
I usually don't get good tomato's, but this year I tried
something new with them..... don't water them as much.
(It makes them ripen faster)
About everyday I pick this many! So what to do with
all these tomato's? I bottle tomato's juice and sauce. I also
do salsa.
I love to see all my hard work in the garden is paying off!

Monday, August 10, 2009

It's been a year

A year ago from today I got bucked off my horse.
I was with my sister and her daughter Madison.
I wasn't on my horse 5 seconds and I was out of control.
I went up over her head and landed on the road. It hit
my head, broke ribs that put a hole in my lung and collapsed it.
Also hurt my hip. I was in the hospital for five days.
I loved my horse, I always wanted a buckskin. But she was
not a very good horse, I had had Soda for a little over a year when
this happened. Nobody liked her and I was the only person that
would ride her. About two weeks after my accident Soda was sold.
Tate told her good riddens.
I didn't know if I would ever get a horse again. But this spring I got
Rugar. And we have had a great summer! He is a good horse.
If you fall off, you got it get back on.
This is Soda right after I bought her

This year riding above temple fork
Gwen, Elinore, Susan

Me and Jill on the way to Mantua
on Rugar and Faith

Me up Paradise dry, on Rugar


Once again it was fair time!
I love to be at the fair. I showed when
I was little, so it's fun to see my kids there
getting into it as much as I did. This is the
second year that Tate has shown in the Jr.
sheep show. This year the sheep's name was
Tinker Bell. He did great! got a blue ribbon with
some money! And of course he always has to have
his John Deere on with his lucky hat!